It Doesn't Have to be a Veil: 7 Beautiful Hair-Piece Options
By Felicity Newburry

07 February 2016

Like the wedding dress, the hairpiece is an iconic aspect of a bride’s ensemble. Traditionally, brides wore long lace veils, and while this is still an elegant and beautiful option, today’s fashion offers many other alternatives to choose from. So, for those of you on the hunt for the perfect hairpiece, read on for a list of our favourite spins on the adored tradition.

1.     Birdcage Veil

Similar to the veil, the birdcage is a chic and stylish hairpiece for both modern and vintage brides alike. Made of stiffer netting than a veil and often intricately adorned where the comb slides into the hair, this option is fresh and glamorous while still maintaining an air of tradition.

bridal fascinator

Fine & Fleurie Photography

2.     Stylish Fascinator

Fascinators are a wonderful option for any up-do. Often made of net, lace, feathers, flowers or all of the above, fascinators can be designed by florists to specifically match your style and wedding theme. Your fascinator could be designed by the florist who is also making your bouquets and boutonnieres or perhaps your dress designer sells a range of hair accessories. You could even have similar hairpieces made for your bridesmaids!

wedding tiara

Chic Vintage Brides

3.     Sparkling Tiara

You needn’t be a princess to wear a tiara on your big day! Tiaras are a beautiful addition to any hairstyle, but look particularly stunning adorning a classic bun. They come in varying sizes and degrees of glam, so you can have your pick of delicate head-band styles or higher-set, gem-studded pieces.

bridal headband

Millie Icaro 

4.     Versatile Headband

Headbands are very en vogue this year, accompanying the loose, bohemian waves which have become the hairstyle of choice for many brides. A headband can easily slip into your hair-do, requiring no structure. It is among the most versatile options. It’s also the least likely of all the hair-pieces to slip out of place, which is always a plus!

bridal veil

Kate Middleton's wedding 

5.     Graceful veil

A bridal veil is a graceful and traditional statement. Your veil can be designed specifically to your tastes. Do you want it to reach the hem of your dress? Do you want it shorter? Beaded? Trimmed with lace? The possibilities are endless if you decide on this magnificent hairpiece and of course, they can make for some magnificent wedding photos.

bridal barette

6.     Bridal Barrette

If simple elegance is the look you’re going for, then a bridal barrette is an excellent choice. A barrette can be worn in almost any hairstyle with structure, whether you choose a complete up-do or a half-up/half-down style. They can be made of varying materials, from jewels to feathers and flowers!

flower crown

Lloyd Photography

7.     Flower Crown

Becoming more popular with the rise of beautiful bohemian waves, a flower crown is a wonderful way to embrace your inner flower child. Like fascinators, these can be designed by florists from whatever flowers you like. Whether they match your bouquet or are distinctly separate from your floral arrangements, it’s up to you! The styles are endless and because of their popularity, most florists will have the necessary skills to create gorgeous flower crowns.