6 Top Tips for Your "Something Borrowed"
By Lorna Urwin

06 October 2016

For the final part in our ‘something old, something new’ series we’re looking at your 'something borrowed'. Traditionally the bride borrows an item from any happily married woman in the hopes of receiving a touch of luck for her own marriage. More broadlythough, loaning something lovely from someone you admire represents the support network around you and their best wishes for your happiness as you enter a new phase of life. Here are six ideas for your own 'something borrowed'!

1/ Wedding belles

Images by Svetlana Photography and Heather Payne; cover image by Patina Photography

Since the item is supposed to make the bride lucky in marriage, it makes perfect sense to borrow something from the lender’s own wedding! Pieces that can blend seamlessly into your own style are often the best bet (whether that’s going all out with a borrowed dress, or something smaller like a veil, tiara, small bag or hair pin). 

 2) Something intangible

Images by Avodah Photography

You needn’t restrict yourself to borrowed clothing or trinkets! Instead, you could choose something equally meaningful that you don’t need to carry around, like a loved one’s favourite poem or quote, or a reading or vow used at a previous wedding. For something especially memorable, you could even borrow music. This works well at any musical part of the ceremony, from the bride’s entrance music to the first dance.

3) A recipe for happiness

Image by Sarah McEvoy Photography

If one of your loved ones has some enviable cooking skills, persuade them to lend you a favourite recipe for your special day. You could work together to produce home-baked treats for your wedding favours or the dessert table. For a similar culinary focus, you could look to borrow a beautiful cake stand or serving set to cut/serve the wedding cake. Not so big on the sugar? A cocktail recipe works just as well!

4) Something from the guys

Image by Punam Bean Photo

There’s nothing to say the bride’s luck has to come from a former bride, a happily married man will play the part just as well! A small item will usually work best if you plan to stow it in your dress or clutch (perhaps a pocket square or cufflinks), but you could also consider a tie or handkerchief to wrap around your bouquet.

5) Something practical

Image by Siaosi Photography

At this point in the planning there may still be some larger, practical aspects of your wedding that are unsettled. Think about whether your something borrowed could help with things like décor (simple items for centerpieces, flowers from the lender’s garden), transport (you may have a loved one with a beautiful vintage car) or even your venue (perhaps a friend or family member could lend a farm, barn or back garden for your reception!).

6) Borrow your silver sixpence

Images by Nikki Mills and Christina McNeill

Finally, and lest we forget the final part of the poem (‘a silver sixpence for her shoe’ to symbolize prosperity for the couple), why not enquire among loved ones whether any of them carried a silver sixpence on their special day. Being old, borrowed and a sixpence this can do duty to three parts of the rhyme in one go!