6 Top Tips for Your "Something Blue"
By Lorna Urwin

08 September 2016

You probably know the rhyming couplet by heart – something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. This simple tradition is rooted in English folklore and designed to stave off bad luck for brides on their wedding day. These days it’s less about superstition and more about drawing on timeless wedding traditions and making them your own. There are so many ways to get creative with this and tailor it to your own taste. If you have a shade of blue in your wedding palette, you may already be spoilt for choice with the colourful final step of the rhyme. If not, read on for some ideas for finding your perfect ‘something blue’!

01/ Choose your shade 

It’s worth starting off by thinking about what shades of blue you’re most drawn to. Tiffany box-blue? Powder blue? Navy? As with all features of your wedding, what you choose should reflect your taste and personality. Assuming your ‘something blue’ will be visible, it should also complement the other design elements in your wedding. Much as you may love electric blue, for instance, if your colour palette contains mostly pale neutrals, consider a pale duck-egg shade instead.

02/ Blue shoes 

This idea comes with several key advantages. You can adapt it to whatever amount of blue suits you best, whether full blue material (Carrie Bradshaw and Olivia Palermo would approve!) or blue detailing or embellishment. Plus, if you’re wearing a long dress, the blue is kept hidden most of the time – serving as an accent rather than a statement. For an even more understated approach, look for blue in the shoe’s lining or sole instead. 

Perhaps the best advantage, though? Opting for non-white wedding shoes means you can effortlessly rewear them after the wedding! 

03/ Sapphires, blue diamonds and turquoise

An engagement ring or wedding ring set with a delicate sapphire or blue diamond makes a simple and elegant ‘something blue’ that will be treasured for the rest of your life. If that doesn’t fit with your plans, consider using a blue ring box or exploring other forms of jewellery for the day. From classic (sapphire earrings) to vintage (a small brooch pinned to your bouquet ribbon) to pretty (a locket with blue lining) – you’re sure to find something that fits perfectly with your style!

This is also a perfect way to ‘double up’ on fulfilling the different parts of the rhyme. If you buy a new piece of blue-stoned jewellery it’s something new, if it’s vintage it’s something old. If a family member or friend has a piece to lend, you could even use it three ways. Something old, something borrowed and something blue!

04/ Dashing in blue

Image by Sarah McEvoy Photography

Lately there’s a real trend for suits, shirts, ties or pocket squares in shades of blue. A tailored blue suit with brown shoes is a particularly popular and modern choice for grooms and groomsmen. The colour works equally well with smart or casual styles. Not only does blue look incredibly dapper, it’s hard to beat having your husband-to-be as one of your good luck charms! If blue doesn’t coordinate well with other elements of his style, you can always consider smaller touches like blue cufflinks, shoelaces or boutonnieres.

05/ Little details

Image by Avodah Photography & Design

There are plenty of sweet, smaller nods to ‘something blue’ that can be incorporated into your wedding plan with very little cost or hassle. Having your toenails painted blue is quick and simple. It’s also a fantastic excuse for a pedicure if you want an extra pampering before the big day! For an even easier beauty-themed approach, you could always swap black mascara for dark blue, or incorporate some subtle blue eyeliner.

Blue ribbon is another frugal option that looks classic and elegant around simple bouquets. It doesn’t have to be plain blue ribbon, either – experiment with preppy stripes or other prints according to your preference. A less visible alternative is to make a small bow with ribbon and either sew or safety pin it into the lining of your dress. If you’d prefer, consider ordering a custom label. This can be designed with a monogram, the date of your wedding or another meaningful message. Take inspiration from this creative mother-of-the-bride: she had a beautiful poem stitched around the inside of her daughter’s dress as a surprise ‘something blue’!

06/ Natural beauty

Image by Avodah Photography & Design

Lastly, there’s simply no improving on the awe-inspiring beauty of nature. You might as well embrace that beauty in as many parts of your wedding day as possible, ‘something blue’ included! If you’re having a beach wedding, use the sparkling blue ocean. If you’re remaining inland, use the azure sky above you. Or if you or your spouse-to-be is blue eyed, why not make use of those lovely irises for the purpose? Failing these, consider featuring fresh blueberries in your wedding dessert or cake, or perhaps using crushed lavender instead of confetti as you make your exit from the ceremony.