How to Make the Most of Your Engagement Session
By Esther Dawson

14 April 2016

Taking engagement photos isn’t mandatory, but having them done will be a great practice run in preparation for your wedding day photos. Prior to getting engaged, many couples have never had professional pictures taken of themselves, so there will be a few pieces of wisdom they aren’t aware of. Below is a list of 6 items of advice that will help you and your fiancé make the most of your engagement session! (Playing dress-up is not one of them…)

1) Choose a location that has meaning to the two of you

Think about your story as a couple and the different locations that have been important to you during the different stages of your relationship. A meaningful location for your engagement session will add greater value to the images you create with your photographer. The level of meaning you add will make a difference when you’re looking back on your engagement images in 5, 10, and even 30 years time.

engagement shoot

2) Set aside two hours of time for photos instead of an hour

Time is so important when making photographs. Usually for the first hour of time you’re still getting used to having your picture taken together. The second hour of engagement pictures always ends up being the time where you’re more relaxed together, so it makes sense that you naturally end up loving more of the photos from that second hour of your session.

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3) Build trust in your photographer – ask him or her to scout your session beforehand

Photographers LOVE to scout new locations. When couples trust their photographer and communicate the vibe they are looking for, a photographer has an opportunity to do what he/she does best – cast vision and tell a story. The results will be better than anything you could have imagined.

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4) If you’re nervous, just remember to laugh and run

Laughing and running is the easiest trick in the book to hide nervousness at the beginning of a photo session. It’s just a way to get you started and ease into your pictures. When you begin, tell your photographer that you want to run away from the camera together holding hands and then run back towards the camera. If you’re really nervous doing that, laugh while you’re running. It sounds crazy, but it gets your heart rate up and your mind off the nervousness. After you run you’ll feel more ready to try poses and candid shots with your photographer.

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5) Use your engagement session as an excuse to get to know your photographer

Making sure you feel comfortable with your wedding photographer is crucial in getting the best photos you can on your wedding day. The more you develop a relationship with him/her, the more vulnerable and real you will be able to be in front of their camera. Consider meeting up for a drink with your photographer before your session just to catch up and get to know each other as people. I can’t recommend this enough!

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6) Get in the right “headspace” before and after your session

Use the day of your engagement session as an excuse to celebrate all day long. Make a big breakfast in the morning together and then plan to go out for dinner and drinks afterwards. Reminding yourself why you fell in love in the first place will only make you more ready to be loving with each other in front of a camera for your session. Tell each other what you admire most the other person during your session or recall funny dating memories to keep the mood light and fun. And enjoy yourselves, you only get this moment once.  

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