6 Simple Ways to Have a Minimalist Wedding
By Felicity Newburry

02 September 2016

With ourbusy, consumer driven,modern society, it’s no wonder that 2016 has been met with a new approach to lifestyle. First seen in a 1950’s art movement, minimalism is being introduced into everything from décor to cuisine and now weddings. But what is minimalism in terms of these things? It is an approach to design that is concerned with being as basic as possible, stripped of unnecessary textures, colours and patterns. For those reasons, minimalism is considered calming and grounding while also a little otherworldly. Naturally, this is becoming the next big thing in the wedding world! Read on for some top tips on how to throw a minimalist wedding!

1/ Don’t need it? Don’t include it! 

To start, strip the idea of a wedding right back to its very core. What is a wedding? A wedding is the exchanging of vows followed by legally "tying the knot" with one witness present and then celebrating with loved ones. A wedding is actually a very simple concept! Everything else is just icing on the cake, but how much icing do you really need?  
This is where you write yourself an exhaustive list of all the things you have seen added to weddings. These are things like aisle runners, wedding stationery, flowers, guest favors, bridal parties, a reception party, a sit down meal, a photographer. Go all out with this list and include absolutely everything, even down to tea light candles and cutlery. 

Now you can work back through this list and circle the things you absolutely cannot do without. Put a lot of thought into this by asking yourself: “Do I want this because it’s what everyone will expect/it’s traditional/it seems strange not to, or do I want this because it’s important to me?” This might mean you keep the likes of a photographer but do without bouquets or you keep a catered meal but you do away with a bridal party. Do include at least one way of styling that you really can’t let go of like metallics or fairy lights.  

Ideally the items you circled become the only thing transferred into your wedding planning and everything else is done without. It may be scary but if you give it a chance, it’s very liberating, which happens to be the whole point of minimalism!  

2/ Monochrome is your new best friend! 

Minimalism at its heart is about simplicity and calm, so naturally complex colour palettes don’t quite fit this theme. Pick a single colour and stick with it, varying in shades if you desire. It’s popular to go with white in minimalism design but if you chose something else like pink, it doesn’t mean your wedding is not minimalist – so long as you stick to only that colour. This means that your bridal party will look best dressed in the same colour as you but perhaps they could wear different shades. Don’t approach the minimalist colour guideline as limiting; rather see it again as liberating! You don’t have to worry about colour matching – everything will naturally go together! 

3/ Choose one design element and stick to it!

Think back to your list from the start. What was that one thing you couldn’t do without? Perhaps it was flowers, fairy lights, candles? This is your singular design element that you grab hold of and run with. The reason it is one element is because minimalist design is about simplicity in order to make the absolute most of a design feature. For example, if you love candles and flowers, the candle are likely to be lost among the flowers. However, if you let go of flowers and opt for just candles, you will create a visually and atmospherically stunning wedding without the clutter of other design elements.

4/ Go natural wherever you can! 

Going back to the calming motivation of minimalist design, try to go natural wherever you can. This means opting for things like natural light, scent, florals and perhaps even setting. If it’s fake, think hard about whether you actually need it. No plastic candles or flowers in minimalist design! You might also consider organic or handmade options such as handspun fabrics or homegrown vegetables. 

5/ Make the meal into minimalist art! 

A great way to show off your minimalist flair is to provide meals that are simple but absolutely divine. The best way to achieve this is to keep to the idea “three is a charm” Examples are: a cheesecake for desert, which is already made up of two components (the base and the cream cheese topping) with a third component such as whipped cream, fruit or sauce. A meal might be something such as cabonara: pasta + chicken + sauce. “Three is a charm” is also a great rule to use when creating centre pieces or bouquets.  

6/ Less is more!  

If you're nervous about going minimalist with your big day, approach everything from your list without limitation and then dial it back. Always remind yourself less is more and “sparse” is not a bad word in this vocabulary. When styling your venue, walk around the space and approach every spot with the question “do I need this?” and if you don’t, take it away. Maybe you will spot some "cluttery" table toppers and decide to strip it back to a simple floral piece, or you might see some unnecessary art on the walls - take it down! This should really feel like you're shaking off the shackles, so enjoy it.