6 Great Reasons to Choose a Wedding Planning Package
By Esther Dawson

15 December 2015

Getting married is one of the most exciting and exhilarating times in your life. You’re about to proclaim your love for one another in front of your nearest and dearest and finally make things official. But with all that excitement can also come stress because as anyone who’s planned a wedding can tell you, it’s not as easy as it looks! That’s why, for busy couples an all-inclusive wedding package can be the perfect solution.

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The term ‘package’ can often be perceived as cheap or bargain basement, but that is not necessarily the case for all packages and (as we will discuss below) there are heaps of advantages for going down this planning route.

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Let’s keep things simple by looking at the 6 advantages of a wedding package:

Budget – weddings are a budgeting nightmare and even the most proficient spreadsheet whizz can struggle to keep up. A wedding package means one fixed price so you always know where you’re at and don’t overspend

Tiers – Most packages on the market offer different package tiers depending on your guest numbers, budget and general requirements. This means, whether you’re holding a small intimate affair or a large 100 + party, there’s a package for you out there.

Effortless – let someone else search out the very best vendors available and bring them to you. Any respectable wedding supplier will only work with likeminded vendors, so you’re sure to be in safe hands.

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Flexibility – most wedding packages on the market will allow you to remove certain aspects. For example, if Auntie Doris wants to do your flowers or make your dress, you can usually remove that aspect from your planning package, lowering the cost.

Extras? – Most wedding packages will also allow you to include add-ons – an extra tier on that cake, bridesmaids or flower girl dresses, or someone to do Auntie Doris’s makeup on the day.

Keep it unique – Just because it’s a wedding package doesn’t make your wedding day any less special or unique. You can work with each individual supplier to create the day you’ve always dreamt of!

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So what do you need to do next?

  1. First things first ,you need to have some dates in mind for when you want to get married.
  2. You also need to decide what elements you can handle yourself (if any).
  3. And most importantly have a budget in mind.

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