6 Inspiring Ideas for Your Ring Box
By Lorna Urwin

22 September 2016

So you’ve found the perfect pair of wedding rings to seal those vows. You’ve enlisted the help of a reliable groomsman, bridesmaid or canine as a ring bearer. There’s only one thing left to consider: the perfect ring box to keep your precious rings safe on the day! This might be a small detail in the grand scheme of things, but often it’s the little touches that make the difference when it comes to creating a stunning wedding. Here are some ideas for finding a gorgeous ring box for your wedding style.

1/ Vintage

Images by Blaine Siesser Photography and Luna de Mare Photography

The classic image of a ring box is petite and a little bit luxurious, whether made in metal, enamel, leather or fabric. If you favour classic or vintage design, these options are definitely not to be overlooked. Delve into antique shops to find a little piece of history – an especially good choice if you want to explore a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours before settling on your perfect box. If you prefer to buy new, you can always search for modern equivalents. ‘Mrs Boxes’ are a popular and beautiful example of a modern box with impeccable vintage style. 

2/ Shells

Image by BHLDN and Shining Light Photography

A shell or shell-shaped ring holder puts such a lovely twist on traditional ring boxes, while still retaining an elegant look. With the high value placed on pearls, the idea of keeping something precious clasped in a shell is a really evocative one, and this can make it an ideal home for your wedding rings! The marine vibe is also particularly on point if you are having a beach wedding or want to incorporate subtle seaside motifs into the look of your big day.

3/ Glass boxes

Images by Docuvitae and Brett Heidebrecht Photography

This option captures a clean and refined style, while also allowing a lot of personalisation with how it’s presented. You might like to leave it plain and minimal – some glass boxes even come with a hook to delicately hang the rings inside. Or look at adding extra visual interest. A traditional fabric pillow can give the box a softer look and, depending on your colour of choice, make it more eye catching. Don’t be afraid to experiment with fabrics and presentation. For instance, try folds upon folds of ribbon for an old-fashioned look, or fine gossamer fabric for something more ethereal. You could even incorporate a spool for more structure, as in the image above!

Adding a natural ‘cushion’ in the form of moss, other greenery or natural items (petals, pinecones etc.) is an ultra modern choice for glass ring boxes. This can provide beautiful textures and pairs well with natural, botanical and bohemian wedding themes.

4/ Natural

Image by Avodah Photography

Speaking of natural themes…for a unique nature-inspired ring holder, look for wooden boxes that retain the form and texture of the bark or growth rings. Couple this with a natural moss ‘cushion’, for a particularly rustic and earthy feel. Alternatively, forego a box entirely and use something else to support the rings. For example, a ribbon wrapped around a simple wreath of leaves or flowers (as above), a small succulent or a single flower stem.

5/ Themed

Images by Signature Wedding Details and Ruth Eileen Photography

For a next-level ring box, transform it from a simple container into something a lot more personal to your relationship. If your box has space, you could include miniature photos or love letters inside, or any other tiny trinkets that represent your time together so far. A box doesn’t have to look like a box, either. Why not track something down that aligns perfectly with your theme, like a small suitcase (travel), a book (fairy tale or literary) or even an adorable macaroon-shaped box (Parisian or pastel).

6/ Repurposed

Images by Bryan Gardner and Lexia Frank Photography

If you already own a smallish box that you love the look of, there’s no sense in creating extra work for yourself looking further for a vessel for your rings! You can also think creatively and opt for something a bit more whimsical or unexpected as your ring box, like a retro cigar case or a pretty vintage powder box. If you want something even further removed from tradition, you can even branch out into things other than boxes, like an elegant pocket watch or a vintage teacup.