5 New Ways to Think About Your Wedding Planning
By Esther Dawson

05 February 2016

As a wedding photographer, I (Jaymee) focus on delivering images that record your personality and individuality. And it is this, your unique personality, that should shape your day! Too many times, brides follow set traditions at the expense of their own personal style instead of exploring new techniques and ways of creating their dream wedding. I’m here to suggest that when it comes to your wedding, you can do what you want! To get you started, here are 5 new ways to think about your wedding planning.


What the weather does is completely out of your control and once your wedding day is set there’s no way out of a bad forecast. My best advice is... don’t let this stress you out!

As a photographer I love a cloudy dramatic sky – it’s great for portraits that show the landscape of your venue. Overcast weather also makes skin tones soft and beautiful, as opposed to harsh sun that causes shadows to fall across your face.

If your ceremony is planned to be outside, I suggest having a plan B for an indoor location that you feel 100% satisfied with. If at the last minute you decide that the weather isn’t suitable for standing in... that’s okay... it’s still going to be the best moment of your life. I promise!

I love the idea of shooting winter weddings. Am I crazy or am I crazy? Give me some snow and wind any day! Mother Nature plays a huge part in creating magical imagery.

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Sunset is the golden hour and us wedding photographers love to photograph during this time. Take a look at your schedule with your photographer and factor this period of time in as an important opportunity for photographs. With most wedding schedules, this time unfortunately clashes with speeches or dinner. Try and add in a break for these photos during your reception. 

On another note... something I am yet to do is photograph a ceremony during sunset. How magical would it be to say your vows moments before the sun sets below the horizon? It would mean however that you would need to take family portraits and bridal party photos before your ceremony (which would mean seeing your other half before you are officially married). Some say this is bad luck... but I say you can do whatever you want because it is your wedding day!

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Is there a particular location where you and your partner used to go exploring? Is it the rural home town where you both grew up? Perhaps a beach you visited together when you first started dating? But do you really need to spend mega bucks on that one venue that everyone is talking about? Sometimes it’s good to find a venue that ties into the memories you have as a couple; this makes it very unique. I think this idea can be really special and mood-evoking.

Even if you can’t reflect this in your venue-choice, perhaps you can visit a special location that no one else knows about to take photos with your bridal party. Team up with your photography and go exploring to find the perfect spot to suit you.

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It’s a great idea to do your research and feel inspired. However, one thing I do suggest is to try and let go of how you think your wedding photos should look on the day. Let your photographer capture your personality and be in the moment. No wedding is the same. You will be able to look back on your photos and be reminded of how your day really was... no false interpretations on my watch!    

Something I truly believe in is this: you can do what you want! You don’t need to follow wedding traditions if you don’t want to.

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I believe that it is really important to choose the right photographer for you. I like to think that my clients come to me for my style, work ethic and personality… not only because I gave the most convenient offer to suit them.

Talk to your dream photographer before booking them. I love meeting couples for coffee and chatting about their ideas; there is no pressure to book me on the spot (unless you really want to!). Talking gets me excited about the potential job. It also feels like I get to be a part of your wedding planning process from the very beginning right to the end which helps me get to know you better.

For me, it’s not about making sure I book every enquiry I receive. It’s knowing that I can do the best possible job for each individual couple and create images that I know they will love. 

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