5 Top Tips for Your "Something New"
By Lorna Urwin

27 September 2016

Unless you’re the most frugal of brides, you probably won’t need too much persuasion to buy something new for your special day! When it comes to the famous wedding poem, ‘something new’ traditionally symbolises optimism and hope for this new phase of your life, so you’ll want to choose something to represent your happy future together. Take a look at the following ideas for some inspiration for your ‘something new’!

1/ Wedding day items

Main image by Samantha Donaldson, image above by Sarah McEvoy Photography

For many, an obvious place to look for inspiration is among those items bought for the wedding ceremony itself. Think about the new purchases that bring you the most joy when you think about the big day. It’s only fitting that it is one of these emotive pieces that will signify hope for all of your future happiness, whether it’s the perfect new wedding dress that you can hardly wait to wear or your new wedding ring, with the lifelong promise it represents. The bride who is more romantic at heart might even want to select her husband as her something new!

2/ A symbol of your future life

Images by Em the Gem and Gaby J Photography

This inspiration looks beyond the wedding day to your married life and future plans. If you’re changing your name, share your excitement about your new initials by having something monogrammed. This is a really flexible idea – you could engrave a piece of jewellery or have the design applied to an object you’ll use during the wedding and also in the future (for example, a dressing gown, handkerchief, champagne glasses or luggage). Some people are superstitious about writing out a new name before the ceremony. To avoid this, you could always choose something for the reception or honeymoon, rather than ceremony or pre-wedding preparation.

If you have plans to move into a new place after the wedding day, a key to your new home is a sweet and very portable token. This can always be sewn somewhere out of sight, like into your dress or bouquet.

3/ Something lucky

Images by Lavender & Twine and Harrison Studio

Your something new could be an item that you consider to be lucky. You don’t have to be superstitious to appreciate that some symbols can be charming as well as ‘lucky charms’. This is especially pretty if included on a charm bracelet with other little items used to fulfil the ‘something old, something new’ rhyme. A bracelet can be kept in a clutch or attached to your bouquet if you’d rather not wear it. A lucky penny minted in the same year as your wedding is a particularly special item and forms a counterpoint to the older ‘sixpence in your shoe’. You could also choose a charm shaped like a small four-leaf clover, a horseshoe or a lucky number. 

4/ Celebrating your expanded family

Image by Bohemian Simplicity

As a couple coming together in marriage, you’re also bringing together both of your respective families. Honour your new, bigger family by choosing something that they can be a part of too! Get creative and combine two objects from the two families as one new item (like two handkerchiefs sewn together, or two pendants put together on a necklace). Alternatively, indulge in some quality time with members of both sides of the family and take a shopping trip to buy something matching or coordinating that you can all wear on the day. This is such a lovely way of celebrating your happiness at bringing everyone together and being a part of something bigger than yourself and your partner.

5/ Something beautiful and long lasting

Image by Siaosi Photography

It’s natural to see hopes and dreams for the future reflected in beautiful things. This can be especially meaningful if it’s something beautiful you can come back to or look back on in years to come. How about choosing a new scent for your wedding and wearing it for the first time when you walk down the aisle? This could be a really fun project. You’ll have the opportunity to think about what kind of fragrance will most embody your relationship and your hopes, plus the excitement of trying to find that in the shop. And, of course, whenever you wear it in the future you’ll be transported to one of the happiest times of your life! 

If you’re a creative type, you might like the idea of capturing some of the beauty or magic of your day with a small Polaroid camera. The images will all be brand new and developed almost immediately so you’re able to carry one or more with you as your ‘something new’. They’ll make special keepsakes for your wedding album. Some other beautiful contenders might be some fresh flowers, a new haircut/hairstyle or the perfect new lipstick shade you’ve bought for your wedding look. An exquisite piece of jewellery – especially one you could rewear – is another excellent choice, whether chosen by you or received as a gift from a loved one.