5 Reasons Why a Greenhouse Is
By Lorna Urwin

18 January 2017

The fresh fragrance of greenery, layers of lush botanicals framed by airy panels of glass, drenched in warm, natural light…a greenhouse is a dream venue in so many ways! It’s the epitome of indoor natural settings, providing many of the features brides love about the outdoors in an enclosed, rain and wind-proof location. With their popularity showing no signs of decreasing, get ready to be inspired by this enchanting and highly flexible venue option!

1/ Let the setting shine through

glasshouse, greenhouse, floral, fauna, flora, weddings, bride, style, theme

Image by Hollow Creative 

In a space brimming with superb leafy, botanical beauty and clean, industrial structures, adding excessive décor on top often serves to detract from the raw natural setting rather than enhance it. This makes greenhouse venues ideal if you have minimal design tastes or are working on a budget. Simply bring in the essential furniture, some magical lighting and table decorations and let the charm of the surrounding plants and garden views do the rest!

2/ Maximise natural light

glasshouse, greenhouse, floral, fauna, flora, weddings, bride, style, theme

Images by Jonathan Suckling Photography 

A greenhouse is a dream for photography with an almost unlimited supply of natural light, filtered through a lattice of leaves to create a soft and highly flattering effect. It doesn’t hurt that the textures and tones of plant life create a stunning natural backdrop for those bridal portraits! Plus, once the light has vanished, twinkling fairy lights or candles will give the setting an even more magical, otherworldly look.

3/ Ceremony, reception, cocktails or photo sessions

glasshouse, greenhouse, floral, fauna, flora, weddings, bride, style, theme

Images by Luna de Mare Photography and The Visual Partners

Depending on the space, a greenhouse location is a brilliant choice for a range of wedding venue requirements! If the room has enough floor space, choose (or create) a focal point for the vows and add rows of chairs to face it. Take cocktail hour outside while the chairs are gathered around tables and then have your guests return to a fabulous natural setting for the meal, speeches and dancing! If floor space is wanting, the dense population of botanicals will still make this the ultimate backdrop for a relaxed cocktail hour or for some unique portraits (as part of the wedding or standalone for an engagement session!).

4/ Suits a range of styles

glasshouse, greenhouse, floral, fauna, flora, weddings, bride, style, theme 

Images by Maria Lamb and Ciara Richardson

Greenhouses are highly versatile when it comes to reception or ceremony styling. Evoke the age-old romanticism of flowing plants and florals and go elegant with taper candles, elaborately decorated tables and fine dinnerware. At the other end of the scale, many greenhouse structures already exude a pared-back industrial look. Think brick walls, metal furniture and bare bulbs or pendant lights. 

5/ Easily channel a complementary theme

glasshouse, greenhouse, floral, fauna, flora, weddings, bride, style, theme

Image by Paul Carlson Photography

Greenhouse venues effortlessly overlap with a range of different themes. It goes without saying that a botanical or garden theme would be a logical (and stunning) choice, but vintage and bohemian are other popular options. These encompass a variety of more specific themes, like vintage naturalism/botany (complete with botanical illustration, bell jars, small card catalogue cabinets) or bohemian desert (with an emphasis on cacti, macramé features and organic materials like leather and wood).