5 Must-Read Ideas to Keep Your Guests Entertained
By Felicity Newburry

10 August 2016

Weddings are a full day event - whether you start in the morning or the evening they can go on for upwards of four to six hours. It’s no wonder then that you might be worrying about how to keep guests entertained for that long, particularly if the bridal party are going to pop out for an hour or so to take photos. Have no fear! We have come up with five super easy and entertaining ideas that can easily be added to your big day, no boredom, no hassle!

Table top games 

This is a great option and can tie into any wedding theme. Imagine having your own monogrammed, disposable board games as a part of every table setting or finding old vintage board games to tie in with urban chic or rustic styling. Be sure to pick games that are over quickly (such as card games or snakes and ladders) and that don’t have the potential to break any stem ware that may be in the vicinity (so Jenga probably isn’t the best idea).

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Image by S6 Photography


An absolute crowd favourite – the karaoke station will be in use from the minute guests enter the reception until the lights are switched off at the end of the night! You could either hire a karaoke booth or set up your own Singstar station. In the case of Singstar, choose a game that isn’t too niche such as the ABBA edition. Singstar ‘Legends’ is definitely a good choice given that its full of only songs and celebrities everyone will know.   

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Dance off 

If you have an MC and a good DJ then this is a fantastic way to keep the energy and entertainment up midway through the reception. Get your MC to call a dance off and see what guests come forward! You could have this prize orientated, so that the winning dancer or dance team is rewarded with something but sometimes its more fun to just let the applause do the rewarding and to have no “loser”.  

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Like the karaoke station, a photobooth will be used continuously throughout the reception because we humans just love taking selfies! Its fun for kids, for older guests and for everyone in between and you can step it up a notch by providing costumes! Definitely try to get a booth that prints instant photos so that guests have something funny to take around the tables and show off.  

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Garden games 

A fabulous idea if you’re having a daytime, garden wedding – lawn games will be a guest favourite! Find yourself some grass, set up some putt-putt, croquet, limbo, or perhaps even some wickets (though make sure the direction of batting is away from any table settings) and let the guests entertain themselves with these classic garden games!