5 Creative and Special Ways to Ask Your Bridesmaids
By Lorna Urwin

22 February 2017

One of the best parts of your early engagement is getting to create your own bridal party family – those cherished friends and relations with whom you’ll share so much of the wedding adventure. Asking them to be a part of your wedding can involve so much excitement that’s almost like a marriage proposal! For some, it comes down to a simple and heartfelt ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ but for others, it’s an opportunity to get creative. Read on for some special and memorable ways to pop the bridesmaid question!

1/ Group get together

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Image by Patrick Moyer Photography (thumbnail image by Perry Trotter Photography

If you’re a social butterfly, asking your bridesmaids is the perfect excuse for an additional wedding bash! Especially if everyone lives locally, celebrating the engagement with some delicious food and/or drinks is a great way to bring everyone together to bond and discuss wedding plans. Gather your girls for brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner or cocktails and either ask the question verbally (perhaps in a toast) or incorporate a group version of one of the ideas below.

2/ Ask it with food or drink

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Image by Clever Holly Designs

Incorporating food and drink has the potential to create unexpected and humorous bridesmaid proposals depending on your style:

If your girls are fond of vino, surprise them with a bottle of their favourite red, white or rosé each decorated with a customised label. There are an array of templates available online for the purpose – poetic, humorous and everything in between!
If coffee is more their drink of choice, present them with a personalised Starbucks-style travel mug for a fun and practical gift. There are a few different types available on Etsy, e.g. here and here.
Make a special order with a local bakery, or get busy in the kitchen yourself and create unique sweet treats with ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ emblazoned in icing or other edible writing. Macaroons make an elegant choice, but iced biscuits or cupcakes are equal parts delicious and adorable.
For a retro and light-hearted twist, propose the question with a ring pop lolly in a box! 

3/ Hidden question

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Images by Love & Light Photographs

To increase the element of surprise for your bridesmaid-to-be, write the question down and then hide it in an unexpected location. A fortune cookie is a classic, but there are plenty of festive alternatives, from a Christmas-style cracker to a mini piñata. You needn’t be limited by things you have to open, either: why not have it inside a balloon, to be revealed when popped, or written at the bottom of a custom-made mug, to be revealed when the drink is drunk!

4/ Keepsakes

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Images by Laura Clarke Photography and PetalandPaperie

Consider sealing the special moment with something longer lasting – a keepsake that will signify your friendship and the bridal party bond for years to come. This can be anything from a personalised handkerchief or a thoughtful piece of jewellery (both of which may be used on the wedding day and long after!) to a heartfelt, handwritten note or card (see below).

5/ Gift boxes and cards

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Images by Pinch Provisions and Je T'Aime Beauty

If the wedding budget allows, a handmade VIP-worthy gift box and some flowers will offer an elaborate way to mark the occasion. Similar to the guest welcome basket, this is usually a collection of thoughtful gifts that represent fun and indulgence with a dash of practicality. Think sweet treats and chic beauty items alongside a miniature bridesmaid emergency kit.

For a less laborious and more budget friendly approach, a card alone can speak volumes. There’s truly a card for every friendship, from sweet and classic to irreverent (Finch and Hare have a particularly ingenious range). Don’t forget to include a thoughtful note inside reflecting what the friendship means to you. You can’t go wrong with reminiscing on your memories together, sharing some reasons why you love and admire her and your excitement to celebrate the wedding with her every step of the way!

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