4 Things You Need to Know before Choosing THE Ring
By Esther Dawson

30 June 2015

Getting engaged is a very exciting time, and for many girls, one of the most anticipated parts is receiving a beautiful engagement ring. It is essential to find a jeweller who can create the perfect ring for you based on your preferred design and preferences. Gemstone specialists, Kirstin O’Brien and Victoria Taylor from TORY & KO. Jewellers have put together a guide for brides based on their expertise and knowledge in the field. Read on to discover what you need to know in order to choose the right engagement and wedding rings.

1. Forming a Relationship


If you want a custom-designed ring (often more affordable than an “off-the-shelf” ring) you need to find a designer jeweller with whom you can form a good working relationship. This jeweller will not only give you advice on what you can achieve based on your ideas and style, but also on what is the best and most affordable way to create your ring.

Having some idea of what style, stones, and metal colours you like prior to the meeting will definitely help when you make an appointment to sit down with your jeweller. Take along some images of styles that you like the look of - this will form a starting point for the conversation. When selecting a designer jeweller, you can have the confidence that they have the perfect mix of skills to create a ring or rings (remember the boys get one too!) that will last you for your lifetime together. A relationship with your jeweller will ensure that you are 100% happy with your custom designed ring. It’s a big decision and worth taking the time to get it right.

diamond ring


2. There are No Set Rules


In today’s modern world, you can literally decide to wear whatever you want as an engagement ring! Some women prefer a traditional solitaire diamond or row of diamonds, but others prefer a coloured stone or choose to re-model a family ring. There is a wonderful array of beautiful precious gemstones to choose from, not to mention the variety of precious metals available: yellow, rose or white gold, palladium, platinum, and titanium to name a few.  The options can be overwhelming, so having a jeweller and gemologist at your fingertips is essential if you want expert advice on what to include in your ring design.

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3. Jewellery Valuation Certificates


Once you have received your beautifully designed ring, you will need a jewellery valuation certificate for insurance purposes in case (heaven forbid!) your precious ring gets lost or stolen. A registered gemologist will be able to provide this for you – all the better if it is the jeweller who has already created your ring. You might consider asking your jeweller these questions during the process: how often do I need to renew my valuation certificate? Is the first valuation certificate complimentary with my purchase? How often does the ring need to be checked? Is there a charge for cleaning the rings? And what guarantee do you offer?

Diamon wedding ring


4. Your Jeweller is the Key


Remember that purchasing your engagement and wedding jewellery is a significant event and one that you want to share with someone you can trust. Shop around and talk with a few designer jewellers before you commit and commission someone to make, remodel or design your engagement and wedding rings. You need to be given information on the 4C’s (cut, colour, clarity and carat) of your diamond and find out about the metals used as well as tips on how to care for your piece of jewellery. Make sure you are talking to jewellery and designer specialists in the business; they are the key to perfecting your custom design and creating gorgeous rings for you and your partner. They will also continue to provide you with jewellery services for your lifetime - in today’s modern world it’s a special thing to have someone you can call “my jeweller”!