3 Essential Tips for the Ultimate Outdoor Wedding
By Esther Dawson

16 September 2015

Outdoor weddings are the perfect summer choice not only because of their relaxed atmosphere but also because of the gorgeous backdrops and natural surroundings. There are so many great reasons to hold your wedding outside, but there are also a few things that, from a photographer’s viewpoint, are also very important to remember. Sun, backdrop, and space are 3 factors that can make or break your outdoor wedding. If you don’t want to wear sunglasses during your ceremony and would rather not trip over your bridesmaids as you go to sign the registry, read on! Below, Anna Munro Photography has detailed three essential tips that will help you create the ultimate outdoor wedding.

Think About the Sun

The most commonly overlooked, but most essential consideration of your outdoor wedding is the position of the sun at the time of your ceremony. Ideally the sun should be positioned in either the right or left corner behind your guests. This way, no one will be left staring into the sun (including the groom while you're walking down the aisle). If the sun is  to one side of the ceremony, one partner will be in shadow and the other will be looking directly into the sun while you face each other. This is no fun for either of you and is particularly disastrous for your photos. Summer can also be very hot in the full sun, so consider shade for your guests while they wait for your arrival. Your photos will be infinitely better if you choose the location and orientation of your outdoor wedding based on the light rather than the background.

wedding arch

Choose a Focal Point

Your wedding ceremony is all about you and your fiance  joining together, so make sure you frame yourself and your groom with a background that draws attention to where your guests should be looking. A hill vista, a seascape, or a lake side are perfect backdrops (although don't forget the sun!). If there is no natural focal point, or if the background is in the wrong direction for the light, consider building an archway to frame the two of you while you say your vows. If your backdrop relies on you standing directly in the centre, place a marker in the ground during your rehearsal to indicate where you need to stand on the day.

wedding couple

Make Sure There's Space to Move Around

Avoid choosing a small corner, a bridge, or a pergola that doesn't allow you space to move around. Your ceremony always involves movement, whether it be as you walk from your standing position to the signing table or up and down the aisle. The advantage of an outdoor wedding is the amount of space you have to move around. Make sure you take advantage of this! Also consider your photographer who will want the space to move up and down and around the whole area to capture as many different angles of your wedding as possible. You will be very grateful of this years after as you look through your gorgeous wedding photos.

bride and groom