15 Fresh Floral Ideas for Your Wedding Celebration
By Felicity Newburry

23 September 2015

Flowers play an important role in every wedding, from the bridal bouquet and groom’s buttonholes to the table decor and church arrangements. Generally, wedding flowers are used in conventional ways, continuing the traditions of the past. If you’re looking to incorporate some alternative floral elements into your wedding however, make sure you read on. For the floral-loving among us, here are 15 fresh ideas on how to include some gorgeous floral elements in your wedding!

1. Draped in Garlands

Floral garlands are decorative wreaths or strings of flower, such as the classic daisy chain or gorgeous lily garlands. Draping your ceremony or reception area with floral garlands is a beautiful touch to add to your wedding that you can create yourself. Check out our DIY article for instructions on how to make a lily garland!

2. Altar of Florets

An altar of florets is a vibrant and fresh way to add a unique design element to your wedding ceremony. This can be done in numerous ways, whether you choose a floral arch, a wall of blossoms, or hanging garlands.

3. Flower Crown

Flower crowns are hugely on-trend this year with many brides opting for the pretty and bohemian charm of a floral halo as opposed to other bridal hair pieces. Flower crowns can easily be created by yourself or your wedding florist. Flower crowns can include gems, feathers and ribbon as well as silk or fresh blossoms!

wedding flowers

Image by Becky Hill Photography

4. Ombré Blooms

A natural lead on from the whirlwind trend of ombré tresses and nail art, ombré floral arrangements are very fashionable this season. The beauty of ombré pieces, such as long centerpieces, is that the blooms do not have to be colour variations of the same flower, but rather can be created from a variety of different blossoms for a gorgeous effect.

5. Fruit Accents

This is a great idea for a summer wedding. Adding fruit accents, such as berries to bouquets or citrus fruit to centerpieces, is a creative idea that will be both impressive and unexpected!

6. Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are long-lasting, yet delicate looking and make a wonderful, whimsical statement if incorporated into your floral arrangements. You don’t need your entire bouquet made of dried flowers. A combination of the warm, pastel tones of dried Lavender with the soft, fresh blooms of pink roses and gypsophila is an example of the beautiful ensembles that can be created.

floral escort cards

Image by Johanna Goossens Photography

7. Wonderful Weeds

The word “weed” may not be the first word that comes to mind when you think of your wedding flowers. Weeds often grow in gorgeous colours however, such as the vibrant purple of heather and the yellow nuttal sunflowers. These can add a fantastic splash of colour to your celebration! Even better, you can collect them yourself and they cost nothing.

8. A Planted Aisle

Planted aisles come in many different forms, whether it be a hedged path or your own potted plants lining the aisle. You can create any combination that you like and if you’re having an indoor ceremony, this is a great way to bring the beauty of nature indoors.

9. Blossoming Escort Cards

Think about attaching a fresh flower or two to your guest’s escort cards as a sweet-smelling gesture. You could give each guest the same flower or you could mix it up a little and give all the guest’s different flowers to match your chosen colour scheme!

wedding cake

Maddocks Farm Organics

10. Blooming Cake

Like the naked cake, a cake featuring fresh flowers is a hot wedding trend this year. You could opt for a simple, one-colour base and have your cake decorator dress the icing in fresh flowers to match your floral arrangements, or even better, use edible blooms such as angelica or honeysuckle!

11. A Petal Strewn Aisle

If you want to invoke an air of fairytale and luxury, the petal-strewn aisle is an ideal decorative choice. Though this tends to be a more expensive design option, the sweet aroma and vibrant colours of the petals create a magical entrance for the bride as she walks up the aisle.

12. A Signature Floral Cocktail

Many couples design a cocktail together or choose one of their shared favorites to be the cocktail on tab for their guests during the reception. This provides the perfect opportunity to get creative with the flowers included in your wedding! Why not offer a Frozen Hibiscus Margarita or a Golden Jasmine and Vodka Martini?

wedding flowers

13. Floral Chair Dressings

Instead of the classic ribbon bow, you might like to dress your ceremony or reception chairs with fresh floral arrangements. Your florist could make slightly larger versions of the groom’s boutonniere to attach to the back of the chairs, or you could create some completely different décor – it’s up to you!

14. Petal Ring Pillow

This is a truly unique idea and a great way to include funky plants such as succulents, which naturally have cushion-like petals, into your wedding. Creating a real flora ring pillow is a fun DIY project that you can make at home using florist’s oasis, ribbons, and any blooms of your choice. Remember, some flowers last better in florist oasis than others – have a play around before your wedding to figure out which blooms will work best.

15. Potted Wedding Favours

This is a trend that has only recently risen to popularity but is undoubtedly among the more unforgettable wedding favor ideas. Instead of sending your guests home with cookies or treats, why not gift them a small potted plant? It could be a seedling of your favourite flower or a plant that they can include in their vegetable garden.