11 Awesome Engagement Shoot Ideas
By Felicity Newburry

07 February 2016

There are only a few moments in life that are as exciting as the moment you say “yes” to the love of your life, so it makes sense to capture that excitement through photos that will last. Though an engagement shoot is by no means mandatory, it is a great way to create memories and share your fantastic news with loved ones. Engagement photos also make wonderful gifts, invitation cards, and forms of announcement! Below is a list of 11 different engagement photo-shoot trends and themes to inspire you in the creation of your own perfect engagement shoot.

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1. True Love’s Kiss

Epic, sweeping kisses are huge in engagement photography. Pick a unique place to do it and you’ll have yourself a gorgeous, standout engagement shoot! Some couples stage their big kiss in busy streets or on top of mountains or buildings. The possibilities are endless!

2. A Little Big World

When you’re in love and blissfully happy with your partner, it’s like the two of you have your own little world. Taking engagement shoots of a couple looking into each other’s eyes while the world races around them is very popular at the moment and makes for some stunning photographs. Again, a busy street makes a perfect setting! 

engagement photoshoot

3. Pop Culture Style

Tying in influential elements of pop culture is a trend many couples are latching onto in their engagement shoots right now. Perhaps you are marrying your real life Mr. Darcy - in which case, a beautiful idea would be to recreated the ethereal meadow scene from the Pride and Prejudice film where Elizabeth and Darcy announced their love for one another!

4. Back Where It All Began

Perhaps you and your betrothed met somewhere special, like at a sports stadium or a particular street corner. A really sweet idea is to go back to this place to capture your engagement. There is nothing quite like an enduring high school romance and many couples choose to have their many engagement photos shot somewhere like the front steps of their school.

engagement photoshoot

5. Couples Yoga

Over the year, arty shots of couples doing yoga together in the great out doors or in spacious studios have taken over social media. A staged photo series of you and your significant other holding tricky but beautiful poses is a great way to document your love and trust in one another, going into your engagement. Plus, it’s a bit of fun and an awesome excuse to show off your moves!

6. An Athletic Affair

Athletic couple photos, like yoga couple photos, are also hot on social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest right now. If fitness is an intrinsic part of you and your beloved’s life together, then there are heaps of awesome ways to tie this into your engagement shoot. Consider photos of you running or mountain biking together on breath-taking scenic tracks!

engagement themed photoshoot

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7. Rustic Romance

The wedding world just loves everything rustic. There is something about the warm glow of the sun on fields, daisies, hay bales, mismatching fabrics and farmyard décor that seamlessly ties nature into romance. A great theme that is currently very popular in engagement shoots is photographs taken in settings such as the woods, on a farm, with a tractor, or even in a wool shed.

8. Looking to the Future

A common and heart warming trend in engagement photography are photos taken from behind the couple, as they look towards their bright and exciting future. Some couples do this on cliff tops as they watch the rising sun, through a busy city, or down a long stretch of road.

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9. Love Abroad

Maybe you travelled abroad to celebrate your engagement, or maybe you got engaged while holidaying. A fantastic way to celebrate this is to travel to iconic landmarks and take your engagement photos there. What could be more wonderful than capturing photos of you and your fiancé in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa to announce your big news!

10. Fancy Feet

Instead of focusing on faces or rings, a lot of couples take photos of their fabulous feet! Whether one person has to stand up on their tip-toes to get a kiss, or your feet seem to intertwine of their own accord as you sit across from each other or side-by-side, couples and photographers love to capture these endearing little nuances in engagement photography.

engagement photoshoot

11. Showing off the Ring

If your engagement ring makes a statement all on its own, why not make it the focus of your engagement shoot? There are all sorts of pretty ways to do this, such as holding hands or with the camera focused on your left hand placed across your loved one’s back as you embrace.