9 Modern Cake Ideas You Need to Know About
By Felicity Newburry

25 August 2016

If you follow our Instagram feedI'm sure you will have noticed thatlately there have been someexciting cake ideas circulating.Modern art and creativity has lead to some stunning original cake designs. We thought it was a goodtime tocompilethem into one inspiring list.Have a look below to check out the latest trends and genius ideas for wedding cakes this season!

 1/ Sleek and minimalist 

This super popular cake design features a basic white icing, whether butter cream or fondant and is often garnished with fresh flowers or fruit. This kind of cake would look great at any wedding. On its own it fits in with a minimalist or urban chic themed wedding but if you garnish it right, you can make it look great at even the most elaborate of receptions. 

2/ It’s all about the blooms 

Drowning your cake in fresh florals is totally a thing right now and it has bakers and florists working together to create beautiful cakes all over the place! The florals tend to “drip” down a neutral coloured icing in a really elegant, stylish way. A cake like this is always fun to experiment with, you can tie it into your wedding aesthetic in so many ways, for example you can match it to your bouquet, or to the flowers on your table top décor - the creative options are endless!   

frill cake, ombre, wedding, bride

3/ Frilly and Delightful 

Delicate and textured, many couples are opting for the “frill” look which is created using very thin fondant. Ombré effects, fresh flowers and glitter are all used to spice this look up, though often it doesn’t need anything added at all. These cakes are perfect for weddings that fit into a non-white colour scheme. It's a simple and stunning design that can tie into any colour choice. 

geode, cake

4/  Geode inspired 

Inspired by Mother Earth's glistening gift, quartz crystals, geode cakes are taking the modern wedding industry by storm. But how, did I hear you say? The bakers utalise metallic colours, rock candy, granulated sugar, and multi-coloured modelling chocolate to create a completely edible masterpeice. As you can see above, they can be mixed in with marble cake designs as shown by the picture on the left. Alternatively, the geode design looks great with a simple white fondant.

square, cake, unusual shape, wedding

5/ Unusual shapes 

Instead of going with the usual round cakes, which have been the go-to cake shape for the last couple of years, some couples are opting to shake things up a little! Now we are seeing cube tiers and even hexagons!  These look great at a wedding that has geometric imagry tied into the décor, which has without a doubt been making a strong appearance in the industry lately. 

glitter, metallic, cake, wedding, bride

6/ Metallic shine

As part of the metallic trend that is so hot right now, we are now seeing metallic painted cakes! These can either look super urban chic or fun with bright splashes of colour, such as flowers. Glitter, as an alternative to metallic paint, tends to lend a decidedly more glamorous feel to the cake.  

Gold leaf, cake, wedding, bride

7/ Ambrosial Golden wreath  

Hellenistic designs have always been around in the wedding industry but lately they are making quite bold statements. Many brides are opting for Olympion-like golden crowns, and of course, the classic flowing Grecian dress will always be a crowd favourite. Why not extend this Hellenistic influence to your cake design and give it a golden wreath fit for the gods? It is simple enough to fit into a minamilstic or outdoor wedding, and yet it has an elegance to it that makes it suitable for even the most grand of wedding styles.

rustic cake, bride, fruit, wedding

8/ Rustic and romantic 

Rustic cakes this year tend to have a rough coat of white icing (so a little bit of the cake shows through) and are decorated with pears, apricots or garden flowers. Very sweet and very simple! 

marble, cake, wedding, bride, style, geometric

9/ Bold Marble 

Perhaps coming in on the tail end of the urban chic trend, marble cakes are gaining speed! They feature icing that is marbelled in order to resemble the stone. This look is often paired with geometric designs or metallics. We can’t wait to see this trend get even bigger, it is definitly one to watch!