10 Essential Tips for Your Wedding Hair
By Lorna Urwin

10 July 2017

A comfortable, complementary and beautiful hairstyle can really transform your wedding look. In between all those decisions about up or down, veil or no veil, be sure to follow these essential tips!

1/ Have a hair trial

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Image by Fineline Photography

Even if you’re a low-maintenance bride, a hair trial (or trials) is the single most important thing you can do to achieve wedding day hair you’ll love. It’s a very good time for you to brainstorm the look you’re after and make sure the products agree with your hair/skin and go the distance. Besides, if things are going to go wrong – the look isn’t right, there’s no rapport with the stylist, the hairstyle takes forever – you want to know before the morning of the wedding so you can make adjustments! 

2/ Search for your soul stylist (with wedding experience!)

wedding, hair, style, tips

Image by Patina Photography

Pick a professional that you know is going to listen to you, someone you feel comfortable being open and honest with. Ideally, this will be someone you’ll enjoy having with you on your very special day. 

Wedding hair comes with a different set of requirements to your everyday look, not least working with veils and headpieces. For this reason, check that your stylist has plenty of bridal hair experience to draw upon as well as a great personality!

3/ Save by going into the salon

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Image by Avodah Photography

Stylists’ rates are usually cheaper if you choose to head into the salon on your wedding morning rather than have them come to you. While there’s nothing wrong with spending that little bit more to get ready in the comfort of home or at your wedding venue, it’s worth knowing that you can save a little this way.

4/ Always be you

“Always be true to yourself” is a good rule for life and your wedding hair! Try to channel a look that is a turbo-charged hybrid version of ‘so you’ and ‘completely breathtaking’. You want to look back on your photos in years to come and look at you, not someone trying to be someone else.

5/ Don't make any drastic changes in the weeks before the wedding

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Image by Patina Photography

Changing up your hair is an amazing way to get creative with your look, whether through colouring, a drastic cut or chemical treatments. For your wedding, though, it’s better to make sure you do this with plenty of time to spare – leaving at least a month before the big day for anything drastic and at least a couple of weeks even with a simple hair cut. This allows time for the new style to soften and look more natural, or to fix any mishaps if something goes wrong!

6/ Wash your hair the day before (rather than the day of)

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Image by Patrick Moyer Photography

The natural oils in day-old hair allows it to hold styles better than soft, newly-washed hair. If you’re going for an updo, be sure to wash it the night before unless your hair is especially greasy.

7/ Know how to remove the veil

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Image by Almond Leaf Studios

Many brides who wear veils want the option of removing them later in the day – all the better for dancing! But if you’re wearing an elaborate up do, doing this alone can risk spoiling the style. Plan ahead and make sure a friend or family member knows how to remove the veil without pulling too much at the hair itself. 

8/ Decide if you want one or two hair looks
Taking the veil off is also a great opportunity to switch up your hairstyle. If this is something you want to do, look into styles that are easily convertible. It’s possible to convert both ways with some planning (from an up-do to hair down and vice versa), but going from a loose hairstyle to an up-do is generally the easier of the two – this avoids having to remove lots of hair pins and deal with any kinks in the hair from it having been held for so long. Of course, if you’re able to have your hair stylist return you’ll have lots more options!

9/ Trial hair accessories beforehand

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Image by Krista A Jones Photography

Anything you’ll have to wear all day should be comfortable, and certain styles of hair accessory can be so tight as to cause headaches if left in place for too long – something you definitely don’t want to experience on such a happy day. Try out wearing any barrettes, combs or headpieces for an extended period to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you. (The same rule applies if your hairstyle is particularly tight!)

10/ Rock it

Whatever you decide to do, embrace it, rock it and bask in the brilliance of being the star of the show