5 Great Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Videographer

By Firetale Wedding Films

Videography is becoming an increasingly popular means of preserving the memories of your wedding day! From a documentary style to a story-telling approach, wedding films capture the day in stunning and authentic detail. With a variety of packages available, videographers often tailor, travel and work with other professionals to make your day magical. Not convinced? Josiah, from Firetale Wedding Films, gives 5 great reasons to hire a videographer for your wedding. Read on!

1. Millions of Words

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth millions. A video of your wedding day will capture moments and memories that last forever. There are timeless moments - walking down the aisle, the exchanging of vows, the first dance, and also very personal moments - a nervous laugh, a spontaneous cheer, and an emotional embrace. Each moment has the power to evoke memories and emotions as you re-live and watch your wedding video in the many years to come.

2. Sharing Your Love Story

Wedding videos are easily shared with family and friends, some of which may have been unable to attend the wedding itself. As videographers, we want to create a story unique to the couple and their wedding day. We meticulously edit each video so that those who were there re-live each moment and those who weren't can experience the essence of the day. Imagine years from now being able to watch your love story with your grandkids!

wedding videography

3. The Sound of Joy

Music, audio recordings and sound effects have the advantage of engaging your hearing senses and will create your wedding "soundtrack". In our opinion, two of the top soundtrack moments are the exchanging of vows and wedding speeches. Vows are a declaration of love. The raw emotion in this moment is the reason we watch rom-coms and listen to love songs. Speeches and toasts sum up the perfect un-perfectness of wedding day celebrations. Off the cuff, family and friends will say the most amazing heartfelt things. Videos help highlight those genuine moments (Tip: check with your videographer as to which speeches will be included in your package).

4. It's a Family Event

On your wedding day there is a team of people who will make it all happen, including your videographers! As professionals, we seamlessly work with your photographers and other event managers in the background - think of us as part of the family. We'll offer advice (before and on the day) and direction if needed, but ultimately celebrating your wedding day with you. One of the compliments we love to hear from couples as they watch their videos is, "we didn't even realise you were filming".

wedding videography

5. Storytelling

Telling your story is what sets apart professional videography from photo slideshows and home videos. The benefit of videography is that a passionate professional will record your wedding day and then take the time to tell your story. It's here that the magic happens, and in the years to come, you'll re-tell that story and re-live each memory like it was yesterday because it's part of your love story - your first day of your happily ever after.

wedding videography

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